Hello Everyone!

1.     Hooray! Retail Stores have begun opening again! Rob spoke to Amy at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. Amy let us know the Basilica Book & Gift Shop is open again and our medals are available there, and featured front and center.

If you are in Washington, or plan to visit anytime, or know someone there, please take or ask them to take, a photo of our saint medal display at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Send it to us or simply post it on our Facebook Page! Thanks.

2.     Announcing Another Contest:

Enter our Latest Contest! This Time We are Offering:

One of our hand-painted crosses adorned with saint medals recovered from the flood OR one of our hand-painted crosses covered with “re-purposed” hand-painted saint medals that did not quite measure up to be sold online or sent to retail stores.

It is, unfortunately, very easy for one of our hand-painted saint medals to go into the “Misfit Medal Bucket.” If the medals do not get cleaned perfectly, or painted just right, or are glazed improperly, or the paint we use fades or blurs or bleeds, or for many other reasons, the painting is off-track, the saint medals do not make it out the door to be sold.

We then hand-paint the crosses and attach the misfit medals on the front and then on the back. We list all of the saints that are on the front of the cross.

So, once again, the crosses, like our medals, all wind up being completely one-of-a-kind items. Great gifts and conversation starters too. We carefully list all of the saints on the cross and glaze it everywhere, so it has a brand-new shine.

It’s fun to give these medals “another chance” and send them out the door. Funny, someone said it seems we copied this idea from the classic Christmas Program, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Some of you, or maybe many of you, do not know of that Christmas Show, but it had a basic message about inclusion being the most important thing!

In the Rudolph show, on “Misfit Island,” there is a “Charlie in the Box” and he gets sent to Misfit Island because “no one wants a Charlie in the Box,” they only like having “Jack in the Box.”

The reindeer discover that although Rudolph is different with his red, shiny nose, Rudolph is still just as important as all the other reindeer. It just takes them a while to figure that out! And then, Rudolph is accepted and included. The same thing happens with Charlie in the Box. He is given to a young child who likes him just as he is! No one is rejected.

So, we are taking a page out of the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” story of inclusion. We present our misfit medal crosses and they are enjoyed and appreciated by many, even though the saints on the cross have defects and flaws.

With our contest today, we are offering, a hand-painted cross, an antique sterling silver medal, a sterling silver cross and necklace, and a hand-painted saint medal package with our new design of our saint story cards.

Anyone ordering a hand-painted saint medal package from today until Sunday will be entered in our contest. And we will send the hand-painted cross, sterling silver medal and chain, hand-painted saint medal and who knows what else, to one of the folks who placed an order.

That’s all for this newsletter. We will hopefully have news about more of our favorite retailers opening again soon! Don't forget that the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception has re-opened in Washington, D.C.

We hope you all remember to stay safe and keep safe and let all of us with or without COVID-19, stay safe! It is so easy to forget to wear a mask, but if we can remember to do it consistently it will be much easier.

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