Lots of New Saint Stories Are Up, We are Having Our Very First Contest, and here’s the “News!”

Lots of New Saint Stories Are Up, We are Having Our Very First Contest, and here’s the “News!”


Hello Everyone!

Lots of New Saint Stories Are Up

We are Having Our Very First Contest

And Here’s the “News!”

     Latest news from rob and the SaintsforSinners Gang. Sales have been slow due to CV19 so we are trying to use the time to find ways to be more efficient. It’s working!

We now have many new saint stories added to the website:

     We also have some saintly suggestions, an unusual “deal,” and our very first contest! Woo Hoo! You can skip to the end for the Offer/Deal and the Contest. Or, you could take a few minutes to read! You know what the saying was long ago? “Reading is FUNdamental!” The new saying is probably “Texting is TREACHEROUS!”

     The most relevant topical interest is consistently about caregivers. We have reviewed and we have researched and came up with saints tied to the tasks of caregiving. It got a bit confusing, but we think we have it fairly figured out, except we are not in 100 % agreement with some of these older Pope’s Canonizations. You can read about it further down these lines.

     Or, as matters of fact, here are some of the “caregiving saints” we offer:

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga – Hospice Workers, Immune Deficiency Disorders

     Saint Aloysius seems to be the perfect saint to wear or share while we are facing and enduring COVID19. We have been mailing Saint Aloysius out across the country and also hand-delivering Saint Aloysius locally. His official patronage is for AIDS patients and their caregivers. He’s obviously a “Go To” Saint for COVID19 issues. Plus, Aloysius is the patron of Fordham University and our friend Leila has been sending him up to the Bronx in New York City! Thanks, Leila, and we hope the medals have been well-received!

     There is only one problem with Saint Aloysius. It’s his medal. It is very, very, intricate and there’s just too much iconography and detailed furniture on it.  We decided to just paint over a bookcase and part of Saint Aloysius’ table. This way, the medal is very vibrant, loaded with color, and not cluttered or messy. The Saint Aloysius medal is so confounding in detail we have to cheat a bit to make him paintable and presentable.

Saints Margaret and Agatha

     These ladies are our two saints for nurses and orderlies. We usually say that Agatha is the Breast Cancer Saint and Margaret the Fertility Saint, but they are also both officially papally sanctioned patrons of nurses too.

Saint Luke

     Saint Luke is the patron of Doctors and butchers. That’s a pretty curious mix but that is what the Catholic Church says, so who are we to judge? Plus, the Saint Luke medal is one of the very best. An ox is laying at Saint Luke’s feet and he has a table too, but it is easy to paint. We were going to study about that ox and explain but time ran out. Maybe in the next newsletter.

Saint Anthony

     Saint Anthony is the officially sanctioned saint of the Elderly. So, he essentially offers help with those caring for the elderly, the elderly themselves, and families and friends of elderly folks. We love Saint Anthony and his medal. We visited his basilica in Padua. It’s not as glorious as you would think it might be but going to Padua is a great Pilgrimage (maybe mostly because you can fit a trip to Venice and gondola ride in without too much planning or scheduling).

     Along with nearly everyone, we very much prefer Saint Anthony to be known as the finder of lost things and rob relies on him every day to find his wallet, keys, pens, phone and head. Do you remember that saying for describing a person who loses things a lot? Gosh, rob is so scattered he “would lose his head if it wasn’t attached.” Whether that’s true or not we will hopefully never know.

Saint Joseph

     Saint Joseph and/or Saint Joseph the Worker does not officially fit in as a patron of caregivers. We think this is a HUGE mistake. Saint Joseph is the patron invoked for a happy, peaceful death. And he has great stories! Do you know how Saint Joseph was chosen to be the stepfather of Jesus? He was in a room, probably something like a gymnasium nowadays. A dove flew in and landed on his head and that’s how he was chosen. You can look it up!

     We really like Saint Joseph as a nice patron and interceder for caregivers and the elderly. Plus, he was friends with Saint Anthony of Padua. And the most famous image of Saint Anthony holding the Christ child (which is on the medal)! It was Saint Joseph who handed Baby Jesus over to Saint Anthony back-in-the-day. Saint Joseph seems like a perfect patron of caregivers, and especially the elderly because nearly everyone also thinks Saint Joseph was old when Jesus was born.

     We say Saint Joseph was not old when Jesus was born. He was probably 30 something. He did so much traveling and he was a carpenter, so it seems logical he was younger. How could he have done all that traveling, cobbling, and working at his bench if he was elderly?

     What likely happened was there was some rumor floating around that Saint Joseph was infirm. And then, a bunch of artists seized upon this idea and image of Joseph with Baby Jesus and started painting him as elderly when he wasn’t. And the artists did such a fantastic job of painting an “old” Saint Joseph, the images kind of stuck and people started believing he was elderly. But, he wasn’t. At least rob doesn’t think so. You can look this up and decide for yourself.


     We have 3 Saint Joseph medals and anyone who buys two will get the third as a gift. You will still get the lagniappe we also add, but the 3rd Saint Joseph medal will be a gift and thus, technically not lagniappe. The 3rd medal Saint Joseph may or may not be painted. We do not sell this medal on our website so it will be a surprise! Offer valid til Sunday at midnight.


     Order any medal before Sunday at Midnight and we will enter you into a contest to win a sterling silver medal and necklace of Saint Luke. We will also add a sterling silver chain, nearly identical to the one we sell.  Our guess is that this Saint Luke medal is at least 100 years old. It’s the usual image of Saint Luke with the ox but the medal is high quality, hand engraved, top-notch, with “Saint Luke” imprinted in the overlay of the medal on the back.

     This Saint Luke would be a great gift for a caregiver, a doctor, and potentially a butcher too! Gifting this medal for a caregiver who has helped you or your family would be a very special gift they will never forget. He or she would probably put it on their stethoscope, if they were nurses or doctors. Next week we will let you know who won this medal and tell you something about what they plan to do with it if they will share the facts with us, which they probably will.

     So, buy a medal and be entered into the contest to win the sterling silver Saint Luke, patron of Doctors and all other caregivers. We will mail that medal out on Monday. We will fill your actual orders immediately, or nearly immediately whenever possible (almost always) and then we will mail the sterling Saint Luke separately come Monday Morning!

     Thanks for reading to the Bottom line.

     P.S. We will be sending out another private newsletter to the people on that much smaller list, so hopefully that will come out within a few days. Thanks for being patient and thank you for all the kind responses to the earlier private emails.

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