Mother's Day 2023 💐 Let Our Patron Saints Help You Celebrate

Mother's Day 2023 💐 Let Our Patron Saints Help You Celebrate

     We hope you’re remembering that Mother’s Day is Coming Soon. We have hand-painted Patron Saints for Fertility, Safe Pregnancy, Safe Childbirth, Homemakers, Moms, Mothers-in-Law, Foster-Mothers, Grandmothers and even Moms who are being Challenged by their Teenagers! 

     Saint Margaret, the patroness of fertility, Saint Philomena, patroness of safe pregnancies and childbirth, Saint Gerard, patron of Moms with Toddlers, along with patroness of Grandmothers, Saint Ann, Anna, and Anne, all cordially invite you to let them help you celebrate Mother’s Day this year by sharing their hand-painted saint medal, story, and necklace with all of the dedicated Moms in your life, biological or otherwise!  

     Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, 2028. Order Early & Order Often. A unique gift will accompany every order placed for Mother’s Day. Let’s celebrate Mothers’s Day this year by recognizing all those mothers and others who lovingly “mother” another! 

     Need help finding the prefect medal for a mother in your life? Send us an e mail and we will offer our suggestions!

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