“New” French Vintage Medals Available 🌟 New Saints Found Too!

“New” French Vintage Medals Available 🌟 New Saints Found Too!

Hello Everyone!

First things first.
I'd Like to Say Thank You to:

  1. Peggy V. who wrote to let us know she enjoyed the gifts we sent from our last Pilgrimage Adventure to see the artifacts and hear the history of The Shroud of Turin. Peggy, we loved your note and will add it to our Testimonials Page soon!

  2. To Sarah, who received the Newsletter on Saturday and basically said "It's About Time You Sent Us a Note". Sarah said she was getting ready to write to check in to see if we were OK. That was so sweet. Stay as Sweet As You Are, Sarah!

  3. A Great Big THANK YOU to Nial who wrote to explain about Relics. From what Nial explained, we now understand that the Relic of Saint Anthony probably touched his clothing, so it's a third-degree relic. Quite fascinating.

     Speaking of Relics, we forgot to mention that we also found 2 more Relics of saint Padre Pio (pictured above), one of our favorite Saints! His Canonization is 2001 was the first we ever attended in Rome and it was so magnificent, in fact, we keep going back to celebrate the Canonizations.

     Saint Kateri TekakwithaSaint John Henry Newman, and so many others. It's always fun finding little trinkets to share with you from the Canonizations in the SASE's you mail to us. We can't wait to do it again.

     We witnessed "Mother Teresa becoming" Saint Teresa of Calcutta - she has often also been called the patron Saint of the Gutter, because she was always ready to dig in, go to the marginalized in society, do her good work, and get her hands dirty. We've since attended many more Canonizations over the years.

     Maybe Pier Giorgio Fressati, Paton of Hikers and Mountain Climbers will be next.

     Or Carlo Acutis, a classic patron for teens and tweens. He loved PlayStation, Nike, Adidas, and playing Super Mario Brothers. What a great inspiration he will be. We add the Nike "SWOOSH" to his shirt on our medal.

     And, as you may know, I'm very impatiently waiting for the Venerable Matt Talbot of Dublin to become a saint. Matt has helped hundreds of thousands escape the throes of Alcoholism and Addiction. We need him to step up and help derail the Opioid Crisis that's killing our loved ones every day. And, for every Alcoholic he converts, his miracle is compounded exponentially because their friends, family, co-workers are healed as well and hospitals and treatment centers free up a bed to help yet another person destroying their lives with Addiction.



     It has been a while since I’ve written. Lots of reasons for that but summer is slower and you’ve probably enjoyed that I haven’t cluttered your email inbox. I’ve been avoiding the heat and humidity in New Orleans and spending time in France. So, it’s logical that I have found …. MORE VINTAGE MEDALS FROM FRANCE!

     I was successful in collecting more vintage Miraculous medals with the French inscription "Ô Marie, Conçue Sans Péché, Priez Pour Nous Qui Avons Recours à Vous" loosely translating to "O Mary Conceived Without Sin Pray For Us Who Have Recourse To Thee." These are available on our website along with other vintage saint medals. There is limited stock and we are limiting, or at least requesting, selling one vintage medal order per customer at this time.

     I have also located some new saints and their medals that I’ve never seen before! Some have been around for a hundred years or more. Their medals are beautifully aged. Where have they been? Who have they helped? It's all an "Unsolved Wonderful Mystery." Once we pass them around they're not vintage any longer, we breathe now life into their story!

     I traveled all over France and have found quite a collection to share. I plan to write about these saints in more detail in the next book I’m creating. They most recent "new Saints (or Relics) are pictured on the top of this newsletter.



#1 Saint Benilde, who was from Provence, France, is on the first medal. A patron for accordion players! I'm not making tag up! Who knew!?

#2 This is a medal from the basilica of Saint Bernadette, and on the back, the Grotto where she saw the Blessed Virgin. Our Lady Lourdes. On the back it has the inscription, “PELERINAGE du ROSARIE a NOTRE DAME of LOURDES.” I will write more about it after I’ve done some research. 

#3 Saint Ennemond is the round medal in the center. Again, I need to learn about him. So far, I know that he loved hearing the Church Bells ring. Maybe he’s the Patron of Chimes and Bells? If you know more, please offer your guideance.

#4 You can see that this medal shows a Saint Anthony of Padua relic. So, I’ve got a lot of homework because I’ll need to find out how I could have possibly found a relic from Saint Anthony who was born in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal! I’m skeptical… 

(UPDATE: Our friend Nial says this likely a 3rd Class Relic!)

#5 Saint Denys, Patron of Paris and France is on the last medal. As the story goes, Saint Denys was decapitated and that is why he is holding his own head in his arms. The legend says he carried his head (with some Angels accompanying) to the place where his Basilica was built, in or very near, Paris, France. I will go there sometime soon.

     These medals have not made their way back stateside yet and still need to be properly photographed and added to our website, but we will have them available in the next couple of months. We'll keep you updated!



     We are participating in the next Gretna Art Walk on the West Bank of Greater New Orleans on September 9, 2023. It's an Early Morning Market, ending at Noon. Stop by to say Hello!

We look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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