NEW SAINTS & CH CH CHANGES … NEW NAME ~ SAME COMPANY, Travel Plans and Another Free Offer

NEW SAINTS & CH CH CHANGES … NEW NAME ~ SAME COMPANY, Travel Plans and Another Free Offer

Keaton Alex Baker, who was named after Alex Keaton in Family Ties staring Michael J. Fox

Newsletter June 16, 2021


NEW SAINTS & CH CH CHANGES … NEW NAME ~ SAME COMPANY, Travel Plans and Another Free Offer




              We are getting together with a local publicist, Gary Alipio, for help promoting the SaintsforSinners brand and its appeal. Things did not start out too great! After meeting Gary, Rob was thrown off-track right away because Gary pointed out that people could dislike the name SaintsforSinners! Rob took a “gut punch” and resisted that notion. He was wounded, though a short while later, he realized Gary was probably right on with his analysis. Although change can be scary, change is not a bad thing.




          So, we decided to follow Gary’s advice and add a new brand name, SaintsforHope. It takes you straight to our website. We will be tinkering and making some additions and corrections. The funny thing is, Gary was prescient! If you watch our very first video clip, you will hear that Rob ends it with the word “HOPE.” It’s all very cyclical. So, if you know one of those people who says, “I’m not a sinner!” you can smile and say, “Visit and there’s HOPE available there!”


Gary is going to help us raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, with its admirable efforts trying to eradicate Parkinson’s Disease. More information will be following soon. Thank you, Gary, for taking SaintsforSinners up a notch or two by finding a creative way to introduce new folks to the SaintsforSinners concept of offering a token a of hope to everyone and anyone searching for a little bit of comfort. 


After the Michael J. Fox Foundation Fundraiser is set up we will be moving on to our next big idea; Pushing Pope Francis and the Vatican to Canonize the Venerable Matt Talbot, who has helped millions find Recovery from their addiction to alcohol. If you are an alcoholic, you have a disease. If someone helps you cure the disease, it is miraculous. If you have only 2 Miracles you are eligible for Canonization. If you have hundreds of thousands of miracles under your belt, you deserve to be deemed a saint. Help Make Miraculous Matt Talbot a Saint! 



We are traveling over to Rome and the Vatican since they are finally letting us into Italy. Our customary “ FREE OFFER “ is now underway. If you are new to SaintsforSinners or maybe a SaintsforHope follower, this is the basic deal:


We love sending out trinkets we find in Rome after we visit. There is really nothing Rob enjoys more than digging through “stuff” at the stores so he can send little gifts to people who are part of the SaintsforSinners Family. 


If you would like something, please send us a SASE and we will use it to send something to you from Rome. If the envelopes are business envelope size, that is ideal. But you can send any sized envelope and we will use it to mail you something. 


We are looking forward to getting over to Rome again, and hopefully finding new, distinctive medals to put on the website and offer to sell. Maybe we will even come up with a great new idea, like the Misfit Medal Crosses, Flood Medal Crosses, Hand-painted “Prayer Boxes,” or something else. 


For the free gift, mail the Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope to:


Rob Clemenz

SaintsforSinners & SaintsforHope

5866 General Diaz Street

New Orleans, LA 70124


We will be in Rome in late June 2021, and since late June is only a few days away, mail us your envelope, right away, please. And, if you are new to our “family,” please note that you cannot make requests for friends. No “Friends for Friends” Free Medal Gifts. Sorry it just gets unmanageable and out of control. 


(Special Thanks to SKT & HCP for helping us understand “No Friends of Friends,” a lesson well-learned. We miss you, Holly, and know you’re chuckling about this message up in Heaven!) 




            It has taken us quite a few tries to get the Venerable Carlo Acutis medal painted in an image where he is “presentable.” Carlo died very young, at age 15. It was hard to artistically portray and “message his age” on the medal. Finally, our newest crafter, Franco, came to the rescue by suggesting we paint Carlo’s hair. The only other medal we sell with the saint’s hair painted is Saint Mary Magdalen. Once again, Rob, was all, “Oh no we can’t paint his hair” and then calmed down on his own and realized that Franco has a nice idea.


           After we tried painting Carlo’s hair bright and black the medal seemed to present Carlo more like a 16 year-old boy. The Carlo Acutis medal will definitely be improved many times as we continue to practice painting. The image does have him looking youthful. No doubt, adding the NIKE Swoosh helped, but his black hair did, too. Carlo loved computers, Nintendo, Soccer and Nike. Is it any wonder some people are calling Carlo the “Patron of Milennials?” 




           We have a fun new situation on our hands. Sprucing up and repainting SaintsforSinners medals has been a thing that’s trending, kind of, sort of, in a way (but not really)! A Public Defender in Tennessee and another longtime customer and friend, Nick F., have both written us asking if we could give their older medal a facelift. We said “YES!” 


           So, now, you can click on a tab and get a saint medal “DO OVER!” Give your old and tired saint medal a boost by having him or her undergo SaintsforSinners Studio Surgery, you know, “get a little work done.” And fix him or her right up. Saint Medal Spruce Up? It’s Quicker, Cheaper, Easier, and much better than Botox! 


(DISCALIMER: We make no judgment whatsoever about Botox or other Enhancement Surgeries. “If it makes you feel good it can’t be that bad.” – Sheryl Crow)


Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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