Notes from Venasque 🗒️ Vintage French Saint Medals

Notes from Venasque 🗒️ Vintage French Saint Medals

When in France... Quote the French


     Please say a prayer, offer a good thought, make wishes for wellness, or perform any other act of kindness for our friends Kathy in New York and Val in Canada, who are valiantly fighting illness. Some of you are working those “Prayer Wheel” groups. Please mention Kathy and Val in your Powerful Prayer Circle Wheels. These ladies can use our love and well wishes. Pray for their caregivers as well. Spin the wheels for Kathy and Val, please. 


     Here’s our newsletter from Venasque, France, in the heart of Provence. We have been searching for vintage saint medals and yesterday we went to Avignon, home of the Vatican. That was, until Saint Catherine of Siena diplomatically helped to have it moved to Rome, Italy in 1377.

     We have located more vintage items. Prayer cards, Saint medals, reverential sacramentals and the like. On the Miraculous Medals and all the other items we have found inscriptions written in French. Imagine that! We’ll be adding a "Vintage Section" to SaintsforSinners~SaintsforHope website soon. And adding a vintage prayer card with every order that comes in during the month of June. 

     It has been so nice getting the messages about the postcards we sent from the Vatican in Rome. And your notes about the gifts we sent from the Canonizations on May 15, 2022 were very heartwarming. Thank you for letting us know you received and liked our packages. We loved sending them. We have one comment, though. The SASE’s you send in the future should maybe have two stamps attached instead of one. When we went to mail the packages, we had to buy more stamps for several of the envelopes. Those rosaries, chaplets, and other items were heavier than we anticipated. 


     Franco has hand-painted exceptional Saint Angela medals. Saint Angela, patroness of the Ursulines, the Stairway to Heaven, and Led Zeppelin. Wear Saint Angela and pray for the people in “Purgatory” or simply wear her to celebrate one of the greatest bands and songs ever written. Saint Angela is a brilliant saint, and her medal, magnificently steeped with an obvious stairway and exquisitely painted by Franco. You just can’t make this stuff up! It’s a story!

Thanks for reading to the bottom line.

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