Of Angels, and Our Celebration of Angels, Yesterday was their Day!

Of Angels, and Our Celebration of Angels, Yesterday was their Day!

     Yesterday, September 29th, is known as the Feast Day and the Celebration of Angels, specifically the Arch Angels, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. The Guardian Angel seemingly fits into the calendar radar too because his Feast Day is this Tuesday, October 2nd! Don’t worry about missing the feast day of the Guardian Angels. They don’t take days off! SaintsforSinners celebrates angels every day.

     So, look for Good News and Happy Messages every day! If you find something that makes you happy today, thank Saint Gabriel.

     Expect all meetings to be sailing smoothly, healing, and full of love, courtesy of Saint Raphael.

     Then, if you sense “stranger danger,” as David Sedaris mentions in his monologs, just call upon Saint Michael for protection.

     On Wednesday, or always, recall you have a Guardian Angel who is constantly providing you protection. You don’t have to be a child. Guardian Angels look after all of us. We just tend to forget they’re there as we age and jade.

     It’s all so angelic! Recently I learned about some of the “fallen angels.” The devil, Mephistopheles, is known as a fallen angel. He could not maintain his presence on the highest of altars. Is it permissible to feel sorry for the Devil?

     The concept of forgiveness seems to tell me “Yes.”  Poor Mephistopheles.  We all fall; we are all fallen, though Mephistopheles fell so very far. I’m betting some of the supremely faithful might be aghast at the thought of sympathizing with the devil. What would Jesus do? Maybe remind us not to be the person who always remembers when we do something wrong. And conveniently forgets the good we’ve sown. I don’t know.

     Celebrate your week and know you’re always in the company of angels. They’re here every day. You just have to pay attention and look for them!

     *We regret not fitting Archangel Uriel, Angel Number 4, into this post! That's because we are working on another post about Archangel Uriel, Angel Number 4.

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