Our Newest Medal! Carlo Acutis from Italy! Carlos the “Miracle Keeper” Blessed Carlo Acutis ….

Our Newest Medal! Carlo Acutis from Italy! Carlos the “Miracle Keeper” Blessed Carlo Acutis ….

Hello –

     So, today we celebrate the life of Carlo Acutis, who has been beatified by Pope Francis at the Vatican. Carlo is now one step away from being Canonized! He died in 2006 after a valiant fight with Leukemia. He needs another miracle to be selected for canonization. He will be the first Millennial Canonized! 

    Carlo was a typical teenager in many ways. He was known for loving his Nike sneakers, blue jeans, Mario Brothers Video games and he had an early fascination with the Internet.

     Carlo’s Mom said he began using the internet to keep a catalog of people who performed miracles, which sounds a bit miraculous itself.

     We are excited to have the Venerable Carlo Acutis medal available online and for sale – we are going to need a few more tries to figure out how to paint his medal just right. It needs that Nike Red Swoosh, which brings to mind the late great Steve Prefontaine, the famous runner, portrayed by Jared Leto in film.

     It will be exciting to attend the canonization of Saint Carlo Acutis in Rome. We look forward to going and bringing back great souvenirs and collector’s items, which we will gladly share with you as gifts, like we always do.

    Speaking of canonizations, we are moving along with our advertising campaign and have been in touch with Promoters and Influencers in Boston, New York City, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

     On Friday, June 4, 2021, we hope to finalize our plans for the ad campaign. One of its features will include petitioning Pope Francis and the Vatican to have the Venerable Matt Talbot canonized as a saint. Who knows, maybe Carlo Acutis and Matt Talbot will be canonized on the same day! That would be one of the best days of canonizations!

     Please keep up with us on Instagram. Rob will be posting a few pictures from his trip to New York where he is now, trying to reconnect with retailers, now that stores are beginning to open up again after COVID.

     We know It has been a difficult year for you, your friends, family and coworkers, but it looks like there’s sunshine after the rain on its way.

     We are very optimistic and have hired a new crafter, Franco, who has been adding a beautiful signature flair to the medals he is helping us create. We will be showing some of his creations soon. We think you are going to love the Chaplets he helped design! 


As always, Thanks for reading to the bottom line!

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