"OUR SECRET" of Fatima

"OUR SECRET" of Fatima

Happy heart of the summer from SaintsforSinners.com down here in the boiling hot swamps of New Orleans! We hope you are staying cool and hydrated. For help you can reach out to Saint Stella Maris for good weather, or Saint Mark to protect from Mosquitos, or Saint Isidore, for rain!

First we would like to share "Our Secret" of Fatima! As you know, we will soon be travelling to Fatima, Portugal, home of Our Lady of Fatima, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Lucia, Jacinta, and Francesco to share 3 prophetic secrets and perform the Miracle of the Sun for over 70,000 people to witness.

Now, only 98 years later, Saints for Sinners is sharing a "Secret of Fatima" by offering a free Rosary from Fatima, Portugal. Go to our homepage where you will see a link in the form of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima where you can provide your address information and have a Rosary sent to you or someone you know. Ours is a secret truly not worth keeping, so spread the word and share this with your friends and family. Be aware this secret, not unlike the milk in your refrigerator, has an expiration date... So be sure to visit the website by Midnight on Sunday, July 19th, 2015 (the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, as you know...) to take us up on this offer, if you have not already done so.

Our New Saint Stories

We finally have 10 new saint stories posted. Click on the links below to read their stories or visit the homepage where they are all listed. Here are the latest additions:

Albert the Great - Patron of Scientists and Biologists, Invoked against Alzheimer's disease.

Barnabas - Patron of Consolation and Encouragement; the "Peacemaker"; Protects from Neurological and Nerve diseases (Parkinson's disease).

Edith Stein - Patroness of "Spiritual Religiosity"; Invoked to accept and understand various Religious viewpoints and for the Blending of differing Religions.

Faustina - Patroness of Divine Mercy; Invoking God's Mercy on all Sinners.

Francis Xavier - Patron of Xavier University in New Orleans; Foreign Missions and Missionaries.

John the Baptist - Patron of Clear Thinking; Invoked against confusion while traveling, and bridge building.

Kevin of Glendalough- Patron of Animal Lovers, Ireland, Blackbirds and Ravens; Nicknamed "The Animal Whisperer"; Invoked against Epilepsy.

Pancras - Protects people from Liars!; Helps with cramps and headaches; Invoked for Truthfulness.

Another Special Offer Alert

You've read this far, so help promote us on Social Media! Visit us on Instagram @SaintsForSinners, follow us and repost our most recent post regarding the Special Offer Alert for a chance to win a very special Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal with a retail value of $205.00 approximately. Repost this newsletter to Facebook or Twitter for a chance to be entered in the drawing as well. 2 runner-ups will be selected as well and sent one of our favorite medals as a consolation prize. And keep up with us on social media for frequent offers and updates.

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Thank You's ....

We would like to say Thank You to everyone who has enthusiastically supported our www.TouchdownJesusMedals.com concept. Although a few have "judged" that Jesus wearing a football Jersey is preposterous, we'd like to offer that none of us are in Heaven yet so no one truly knows if Jesus is wearing a football jersey or not. Here in New Orleans, we'd like to Believe he is wearing a New Orleans Saints jersey, but who knows, maybe he is a Seahawks or Patriots fan. There are some things we just can't know ....

Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Rocco


Finally please keep our mascot and beloved pup Dusty in your thoughts and prayers. She recently was diagnosed with OsteoArthritis (Doggy Arthritis) and joined the Prozac family. We are optimistic about her condition but please keep her in your thoughts.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Jeff Peters for adding all of our new stories and helping us try and find a solution for ending Dusty's anxiety and arthritis issues.

And Thanks to everyone for opening and reading our newsletter, passing it along to your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

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