Day 36 of Lent 2023 ☀️ Our Lady of Fatima

Day 36 of Lent 2023 ☀️ Our Lady of Fatima

     Our Lady of Fatimas Story involves 3 young shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta Marto, and Francisco,  and the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin in Portugal. They described her as “a woman in all white, more brilliant than the sun,” according to www.CatholicSaints.Info 

      In the early 1900’s  the children saw the Blessed Virgin and told the people in the town about their encounter. Word spread and  on October 13th, 1917 70,000 people showed up to witness the Blessed Virgin at her final apparition. Story says they also witnessed the sun make three circles and zigzag around in the sky. Rain had fallen and people had gotten wet but immediately after the Apparition their clothes became completely dry. 

     The Children who witnessed Our Lady have been designated saints by Pope Francis. Pray to Our Lady of Fatima for new discoveries, miracles, and illuminations!

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     P.S. We are still sending out Behold the Man (while supplies last) or another version of Jesus with every order until Easter Sunday.

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