Outside Medjugorje Mountain, Apparition Hill, and the Chapel at Medjugorje

Outside Medjugorje Mountain, Apparition Hill, and the Chapel at Medjugorje

While we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia, outside of Medjugorje mountain, our phone rang....  A man from Hollywood was calling to ask if we would allow his production company to use some of our new "Saint Francis of Assisi - inspired hand-painted bird houses" to be featured in an upcoming movie from MGM that was filming in New Orleans. We were very surprised about that since we have only passed out a few of the birdhouses as gifts, and they are not even for sale on the web site yet. Of course, we said "Yes!" and had our friend Miss Ann sign a contract that allowed the film makers to use our bird houses - we don't know much else about this yet but we will have more information in the next Newsletter. That was one of the most unusual and fun phone calls we have ever received. Look for our new Saint Francis of Assisi inspired bird houses - they're "Coming Soon to a Theatre Now You!"

We are back from our trip to Medjugorje. It was phenomenal, emotional, spiritual, and simply life-affirming. The trek up "Apparition Hill" was quite a journey and it was a tough climb, but it was hard to feel anything but awe when looking around seeing so many people, many of them elderly or disabled or both, climbing to reflect in the spot atop the mountain where the 6 children saw the Virgin Mary.

     We mailed out all of the postcards from the Chapel at Medjugorje to everyone who asked for one and hopefully they have all reached their destination(s) by now. It took a whole lot longer to write and address all the cards so we apologize that we were unable to write that much. Next time we will bring stickers with addresses pre-printed. Thank goodness there was a nice café near the Chapel and the folks who owned it allowed us to sit for hours and fill out the postcards. We started with coffee but ended with a nice cold glass of wine!
     There were so many beautiful medals and cards and other items to see it was kind of overwhelming but we bought a lot of medals, some colorful rosaries, and other trinkets that we brought with us while we climbed the rocky slope to the Apparition. We will be adding something from Medjugorje with every order that comes in this summer.
     A friendly lady in one of the shops could not speak any English and our Croatian was very poor, but she too notice of us anyhow and then brought us over to the back of the store and showed us these really cute pink rosary bracelets (pictured above), and she basically gave them to us and I'm still not sure why. But we have 10 pink bracelets that we would love to mail to anyone who has a daughter or niece or Grand-daughter who might like having one. If you would like us to send one to you, just send an e-mail now or later, and provide an address and a bracelet will be on its way without delay. We will send them out at no charge but please let the girls ( or boys! ) know that the bracelet went up Apparition Hill and please tell them the story of the Virgin Mary appearing to the children. It's true the Vatican has not yet officially authenticated the story yet but does that really matter? We don't think so. It's still a lovely story that can comfort people if they choose to believe in it and feel hope....

Fund Raising RemindersSFS Logo

     We are continuing in our efforts to raise money for some local nonprofits and wanted to remind everyone that they can purchase hand-painted saint medal packages from www.WRBH.org - "Reading Radio for the Blind and Reading Impaired" and www.TheDailyMass.com online Daily Mass for those homebound and unable to travel to Church. This is how it works - you can order the medals directly from the non-profits on their web sites and then we are notified - they let us know an order has been placed and they tell us where to send the medal packages, with the proceeds straight to the non-profits to help defray the costs of their great work. If you have a nonprofit that has a web site or if know of one you'd like us to help, please contact us and we will sell a medal on their web site if asked. We love helping the charities - it's a nice thing to do, that's true, but it also makes great "business sense" for us because mailing the medal packages out helps us to advertise and get the word out about www.SaintsforSinners.com It's a "win-win" situation.


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