First Come, First Served: Pectoral Cross of Pope Francis, Parable of the Lost Sheep & Special Offer

First Come, First Served: Pectoral Cross of Pope Francis, Parable of the Lost Sheep & Special Offer

Hello Everyone –

      We were looking for new medals and found a new style of the Pectoral Cross of Saint Francis, one of our favorites.

      These medals have an olive wood base, much like the medals sold at the Cathedral and Basilica of Saint Francis and Clare of Assisi.

      It’s doubtful we will find saint medals with olive wood surrounding again. You can see in photo that they are very unique!

      Look a bit closer and you will see the one “black sheep” representing, in our view, the person who is “lost.” Remember the Parable of the Lost Sheep and recall that the shepherd on this medal chose to go after the lost sheep rather than just looking after the sheep who were close by and safe.

      The message is to reach out to the person who has become difficult and disagreeable or perhaps downright mean and inconsiderate. Remember the old saying “Hurt People Hurt People.” When someone is giving you less love, that’s the time to give them more of your love and compassion. Now that is what Jesus would do, and he’s a pretty good role model, in our view, even if you’re a devout, lapsed, non-Catholic, or otherwise.

      We will be sending one of these nice medals out with the next orders that arrive. I hope you like them and can also listen, read and understand their message conveyed. Look after those who are lost!


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