Recent Startling Events and A Prayer Call to Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, Patron of Soldiers and Arms Dealers

Recent Startling Events and A Prayer Call to Saint Adrian of Nicomedia, Patron of Soldiers and Arms Dealers

     This is a short post to address the issue of gun safety. It looks like we need to send a hand-painted Saint Adrian of Nicomedia saint medal to Texas.

     Last night, former El Paso, Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who is a candidate running for president, said he would work to outlaw semi-automatic weapons and artillery. I'm not supporting him as a candidate but the issue is certainly relevant.

     A Congressman from Texas, Representative Briscoe Cain, presumably without the aid “Saint” Arch Angel Gabriel, the patron saint of messaging, then threatened O’Rourke.  Representative Cain tweeted on Twitter, “My A-R is ready for you, Robert Francis.”

     Beto O’Rourke was participating in the Democratic Party Presidential National Debate. Personally, I agree with him and think we should accumulate these weapons of mass destruction immediately. I have detractors about that.

     Many of my nieces and nephews are all gun enthusiasts. My niece Noelle has a handgun gun and the necessary legal documents to carry it. “Right to Carry” is what it’s called I think.

     Noelle is a proponent of the 2ndAmendment.  I love and respect my niece, Noelle. In a way, I feel like she is safer carrying a gun. She can protect herself, and in today’s world, protection is often needed. If she goes to a movie or an Elementary School, she could conceivably take out a mass murderer. She has pointed that out to me.

     Gun Safety, therefore, is a huge topic these days. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia is the patron of soldiers and arms dealers, according to

     It is frightening that a candidate named Robert Francis, of all names, would be threatened with gun violence! Robert Francis Kennedy (“RFK”), along with his brother, President John F. Kennedy (“JFK”) was assassinated, as we all know.

     This note is simply a call and a plea for Prayer and Understanding regarding guns. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia is one of the saints involved with this topic. He is a perfect patron for gun safety.

     My prayers are with presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. Being messaged, “my AR is ready for you,” is deplorable and as a lawyer, I’d say, nearly an actionable assault charge.

     We can’t keep living in fear for our friends and family members’ kids who go to the movies. We can’t be worrying the country’s kindergarteners may be murdered, like they were in Connecticut.

     Say a prayer to Saint Adrian Nicomedia and ask for some type of progress regarding gun safety. It is worth the few seconds of your time. It can't hurt. It might help.

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