Who was Saint Valentine? 💌 Was there a Saint Valentine?

Who was Saint Valentine? 💌 Was there a Saint Valentine?

Hello Everyone!

     We have been asked about Saint Valentine’s Day repeatedly. We have always had hand painted Saint Valentine medals and a story about Saint Valentine on the website

     Yet, we have never really delved into the story and history of Saint Valentine’s Day. So, SaintsforSinners founder Rob Clemenz wrote an article about Saint Valentine’s Day, which is now often just called “Valentines Day.”

     We have attached the article in honor of Saint Valentine's Day and we are discounting the price of Saint Valentine medals. Simply put the Saint Valentine package or packages in your cart and use the code SAINT at checkout for 25% OFF each Valentine package. This code is valid until 12 AM on February 15th!

     Share this article about Saint Valentine's Day with your friends and family. We wish everyone a love filled Saint Valentine's Day and as always, thanks for reading to the bottom line!



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