Saint Francis of Assisi, Franciscan Crosses, Lafreniere Park Art Market

Saint Francis of Assisi, Franciscan Crosses, Lafreniere Park Art Market

Hi Everyone:

       We hope you had a Happy Easter! We kept busy but are now back on track and able to catch up with the miscellaneous details that we postponed during the “Easter Rush.”

       Our retail stores have begun re-ordering and that is a very nice signal that the COVID isolating days may be coming to an end. Locally, “Whats New,” on Decatur Street, across from the Saint Louis Cathedral, is fully stocked again.

       We received the nicest testimonial and put it up on the website already but here it is for you to see:

       We have a bit of exciting news! In a few weeks we are going to try a new advertising campaign. Stay tuned!

       Yesterday, on April 8, 2021, we had our first Arts Market in Lafreniere Park in Metairie, Louisiana and it was a huge success. If you are looking for a fun event to attend, come visit us on Wednesday, April 14th, in Lafreniere Park and take a photo of our booth. Show us that you tagged us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK, and we will offer “BOGO” – Buy One Get One Free, with your hand-painted saint medal purchase.

       There’s another great reason to come to this Arts market. The lady next to us has a friend, an 8-year-old kid and she asks everyone who walks buy three questions. IF they have a dog she asks, “Can I pet your  dog?,” “Can I give it a hug?” and “Does it bite?” in that order. When she is not loving dogs, she is calling out to everyone, “Hi, do you want to buy some art?” “We have art for sale!” “Come buy some art!” This young lady is going to be a CEO of a huge company someday. I’ll try to take a picture and put her in our next newsletter, which I am pretty sure will be perfectly acceptable. She is the most adorably sweet kid!

       Earth Day is coming up! So, we will send a little one of our stringed Franciscan Crosses with every order, until we run out. We bought them in Assisi and hope to go back to buy more soon. We can’t wait to get back to Rome, the Vatican, the Church of St. John Lateran and Saint Francis’ and visit Saint Clare of Assisi again. Think of all the surprises we will be able to send y’all like we always do!

       Again, Hope your Easter and Passover celebrations with friends and family were enjoyable. We always enjoy celebrating Passover with our Jewish neighbors. I mean, who doesn’t love Matzo Ball Soup? (Thanks again, Barbara!)

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