Saint Gabriel Has Brought Us Some Very Happy News From Baton Rouge

Saint Gabriel Has Brought Us Some Very Happy News From Baton Rouge

Hi –

     As you know, the Archangel Gabriel is the patron saint of happy news, and also the United States Post Office. Saint Gabriel paid us a visit yesterday morning...

     Here’s just a short note and update with some very exciting news, along with some very cool photographs! Yesterday, I spoke with the folks at Paperwhite Stationery Boutique in Baton Rouge. Kathryn and Alisa ordered more medals, after their store was only open for two weeks!

     The Paper Stationary Boutique sounds like an awesome new shop - it located at 18303 Perkins Road, Suite 303 - Zip Code 70810.

     Here are some of the photographs of from Kathryn and Alisa’s Paperwhite Stationery Boutique - note how she has somehow decoupaged our display boxes and also redesigned the cards we use. I guess we might be stealing her idea because their display looks great.

     A Reminder; Feel free to order your medals for Christmas early; it gets hectic in December, as most of you are reminded every year.  Plus, the earlier you order, the more time we have to pick out the best piece of lagniappe for your order. Lagniappe = “A Little Something Extra” we like to add. 

     Also, let us gloat for a moment! A few folks have said that our Newsletter and Blogs are “too long.” Apparently, some people do not like to read! Well, guess what? Even more people have said they think our Blogs and Newsletter are fun to read and “not too long.” So, we will still be writing longer e-mails from time to time. Thanks for the positive feedback.

     That’s all for this Newsletter/Blog Post. If you are in Baton Rouge, or know anyone near Baton Rouge, send them over to Kathryn & Alisa's brand new store - the Paperwhite Stationary Boutique at 18303 Perkins Road, Suite 303. Buy a hand-painted saint medal made by us, your friends at SaintforforSinners.

     Next week I will be writing a little note about a pilgrimage some of our medals are traveling to in Europe. Our handpainted medals will be going to the land of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare of the “Poor Clares.” And that’s not all: They will also be going to Lourdes in France, to celebrate Saint Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes.

     Hopefully we will get a picture or two. That’s a hint and a big thank you to Tammy C. who orchestrated this whole pilgrimage. She has been with for many years! She always reads to:

     The Bottom Line. That’s nice to know! Thanks, Tammy!


  • Jean duvas

    Love these beautiful medals; will be ordering some for Christmas gifts. Glad to know a local store, Paperwhite, has these in stock. Do you have Blessed Seelos and Padre Pio?

  • Paperwhite Stationery Boutique

    Thank you for sharing our happy news and for allowing Paperwhite to carry your beautiful line of hand-painted medals.

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