Saint Janarius of Naples

Saint Janarius of Naples

Today we “woke up like dis” (it’s a Beyonce phrase all the kids know): An order came in from Madalena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and she requested Saint Janarius medals. Saint Janarius is known as the patron saint of blood banks. Our Friend, Terry Jones, has information about Janarius on his web site, www.CatholicSaints.Info. He gives a little “Shout Out” about our hand-painted saint medals too. You can read Terry’s information about Saints Janarius by clicking this link:

I say this all the time yet I need to say it again: I’m so proud and honored that Terry Jones has included our information on his saintly compendium, www.CatholicSaints.Info

Our story about Saint Janarius strays from his tale of martyrdom and embellishes his “patron saint of blood banks” credit. We present the notion that maybe Saint Janarius is the ideal saint to protect from blood disorders, like Multiple Myeloma, a blood born and incurable disease. My brother Kevin died from Multiple Myeloma, that’s the sad part, but the better thought of that story is he fought it valiantly and lived with MM for decades. I’m proud of him for fighting so hard.

For additional information about Multiple Myeloma visit, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

And, of course, please remember and encourage your friends and family to donate at the next blood drive event in your town. 

Thanks for reading to the bottom lines. Multiple Myeloma is a blood cancer. Other Saints known to intercede in the fight against cancers, are Saint Agatha, Archangel Raphael, and Saint Peregrine.

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