Saint Richard - Patron of Harvesters and Food Carts Racing to Market

Saint Richard - Patron of Harvesters and Food Carts Racing to Market

The Feast Day of
Saint Richard of Chichester
April 3rd

Celebrating Our "Patron Saint of NASCAR," Saint Richard of Chichester. Today, April 3rd, is the Feast Day of Saint Richard of Chichester, who hass has been canonized as the patron of cart drivers and coachmen.

And presumably, Uber, Taxi, and Lyft Drivers, along with their passengers. Saint Richard seems like a perfect assistant for Saint Christopher, the patron saint of Safe Travel.

Many years ago, we embellished Saint Richard's story a bit to say he could be viewed as the patron of NASCAR. We knew "Little Richard" was often working during Harvest Time and "Racing" to get the family carts to market. He would hurry to sell the food that had been harvested for people in towns near his hometown, Chichester, England.

It's exciting that food markets seem to be flourishing around American again, as they have throughout the world for centuries. We often visit the New Orleans City Park Market on Sunday mornings, and buy fresh ground coffee, vegetables, fish, beef and homemade Polenta, among other homemade delicacies. The market takes place near Orleans Avenue and starts at 7:00 in the morning and many items are SOLD OUT before ten o'clock!

To honor and commemorate Saint Richard of Chichester, visit a local "farmer's market," near you to celebrate your local farmers who work so hard to help provide healthy and fresh food!

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