Saint Valentine's Day & Our Surprise Announcement...

Saint Valentine's Day & Our Surprise Announcement...

     Hi, this is Rob & Emily and we are sending you a quick reminder that Saint Valentine's Day is fast approaching (next Friday, February 14th to be exact)! If you'd like to purchase a hand-painted saint medal, specifically a Saint Valentine medal, please place your order soon so we can get it to you in time!

     That's not the end of this newsletter...

     If you purchase a Saint Valentine's medal for you or a family, friend, and loved one, we will also be sending a surprise bonus medal - one that also has a "Love Connection". It's our Saint Valentine's Day gift to you!

     Our 2nd piece of news - this one is something brand new - we will soon start offering video blogs! Through these "Vlogs" you will get some behind-the-scenes scoop and get to know our team better and see what really happens over here at

    Stay tuned for our first Vlog - which will hopefully be coming later this week.

    Happy Saint Valentine's Day, a few days ahead of time!

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