Day 9 of Lent 2023 🦁 Saint Adrian of Nicomedia

Day 9 of Lent 2023 🦁 Saint Adrian of Nicomedia

     For military protection, gun safekeeping and carefully guiding marksmen, we honor and celebrate the life and story of Saint Adrian of Nicomedia.  Adrian saw that the persecuted Christians in his town were being attacked unjustly. He wanted to help the Christians, whom he felt had a right to hold their own beliefs. 

     Adrian was not a Christian, however. He had not even been baptized. Still, he wanted to stand up for what he felt was important, being able to stand up for your own convictions, even when those around you disagreed. So, he fought the good fight and went shoulder to shoulder with comrades, the Christians’, who deserved to live their lives as they chose.

     One legend says that Adrian’s tormentors decided to throw him to the lions so they would devour him and they could watch. Their murderous plan did not work because when he was put into the lion’s pit, the lions were disinterested and left Adrian to rest comfortably. 

     Later his assailants broke his legs on an anvil and then cut off his hands and feet. He was put in a fire to be charbroiled. The weather changed and rain put the embers out. Adrian’s wife Natalia then took her husband’s severed hand and brought the relic to Constantinople. Some of his other relics are said to rest in Belgium to this day. 

     Ask for Adrian’s intercession when confronting issues with firearms. And for guidance when you or a loved one is facing epilepsy and seizures.

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