day 4 of Lent 2023 ☮️ Saint Andrew the Apostle

day 4 of Lent 2023 ☮️ Saint Andrew the Apostle

 Hello Everyone! 

      Our last Newsletter about Saint Martha, patron of sisters, and Loving Thy Neighbor as Thyself brought in very thoughtful commentaries and we learned something new! A note came in from Bristol, Wisconsin from Darlene P. We learned that Saint Andrew the Apostle is the patron saint of Ukraine. 

Here's what Darlene sent:

     And so, we have changed our plans and are going to begin preparing hand-painted Saint Andrew the Apostle medals to send to Darlene. 

     Saint Andrew is often noted to be “Andrew the First” because he was the first to follow Jesus.

     His faith grew day by day, when at one point Jesus invited him, PeterJames, and John, to go up to Mount Olives where he answered their questions about the signs of the last days. 

     The Acts of the Apostles notes that he went to Jerusalem together with his other companions after the Ascension. Some say Jesus told Andrew “You will be a column of light in my kingdom.”

     Andrew evangelized Asia Minor, the regions along the Black Sea, until he reached the Volga. Today he is honored as a patron saint in Ukraine and a church was built in his honor in Kiev (“Kyiv”). The Kiev leaders honored Saint Andrew’s Church in 1621.

     We’re still studying about Saint Andrew as the Patron of Kiev. We will add a story to the website soon.

Thanks for reading to the bottom line.

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