Day 37 of Lent 2023 🎰 Saint Cayetano - Cajetan

Day 37 of Lent 2023 🎰  Saint Cayetano - Cajetan

     Saint Cayetano (or “Cajetan”) lived in Rome during the fifteenth century. Known for his devotion to serving the sick and poor—a vocation that was looked down upon in his day—Cayetano contributed to the Renaissance-era reformation of the Catholic Church. 

    Look to Saint Cayetano for help with unemployment and wagering, betting, gambling issues. He used to make challenges by betting prayers. “I’ll match your 3 Hail Marys and raise you two 'Our Fathers.'” As the patron saint of Job Seekers, his medal brings confidence when a “Pep Talk” can help.

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P.S. With only a few days left until Easter Sunday, we will continue to send out Behold the Man (while supplies last) or another version of Jesus with every order!

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