Day 27 of Lent 2023 đŸŒ»Saint Dorothy of Caesarea

Day 27 of Lent 2023 đŸŒ»Saint Dorothy of Caesarea

     Today, we are celebrating saint Dorothy of Caesarea, patron of gardeners, flowers, newlyweds, and midwives, among others, who is one of saints we seldom share, only because hardly anyone orders her medal. 

     That’s OK, Saint Dorothy is still one of our favorites. That’s because “Dorothy” is the name my Aunt “Dotty” – “Toni Willemena Schneider” took after immigrating to the United States through Ellis Island,  NYC, in the early 1900’s. Maybe I’ll write about that with the story of Saint Francis “Mother” Cabrini, patron of immigrants.

     Officially known as the patron of midwives. I guess patron of doulas is a fair description, as well. Plus, Saint Dorothy is the perfect saint for springtime since she is the patron of florists and gardeners and her story fits right into the theme of blooms and blooming.

     Saint Dorothy, also known as Saint Dora (the Explorer – ok, we made that up!) of Caesarea was a pious woman who lived during the time of Emperor Diocletian, who was not nice. You might recall he had a firing squad of Archers pierce Saint Sebastian with their arrows. The Renaissance artists loved painting that image! After Sebastian survived that catastrophe, he was clubbed to death, just for being different, much like Matthew Shepard only a few years ago.

     I digress. Saint Dorothy didn’t want to follow any pagan theories and was a devout Christian whose only desire was to love Jesus. A lawyer named Theophilus  ridiculed her for this and said something like, “Dorothy, if you are so into Jesus, why don’t you tell him to send me fruits and flowers?” Dorothy didn’t really like being told what to do, so she refused.  Ultimately, she was beheaded, simply because she had Christian beliefs of her own and they were not in accord with Emperor Diocletian’s. 

     Right before her murder though, Dorothy summoned up a 6-year-old boy and gave him some instructions. Dorothy told the boy to deliver Theophilus a vast array of fruits and flowers, much like the ones she wore decoratively on her headdress. After Theophilus received the flowers from the boy, (who may have been archangel Gabriel the Messenger?) he too became a Christian. And so, you know what happened then, Diocletian had him beheaded too. Diocletian was a scoundrel, to put it mildly.

     Ask Saint Dorothy to intercede when you struggle with your Faith (I do this, often) and for her help with bringing new lives in the world, as the patroness of midwives and doulas. Saint Dorothy is the perfect saint to celebrate as we enter springtime and the blooming and blossoming of the flowers, gardens, and fruits of our earth. Spring has sprung; Thank you Saint Dorothy of Caesarea.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Aunt Dotty!
Thanks for reading to the bottom line.

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