Day 20 of Lent 2023 🐦 Saint Kevin of Glendalough

Day 20 of Lent 2023 🐦 Saint Kevin of Glendalough

     Before we move to Macrh 17th, the date known as Saint Patrick’s Day, we really should talk about Saint Kevin of Glendalough, who was also from Ireland and is a very interesting saint. Kevin was not much of a social butterfly. He preferred spending time with himself and rather enjoyed being a hermit of sorts although Saint Kevin did very much enjoy the company of animals!

     Saint Kevin of Glendalough, was an Irish priest, who lived in what is now known as “Saint Kevin’s Bed.” (pictured below He loved spending time with animals and he is known for having a blackbird egg laid and hatched in his hand. We think Dr. Dolittle is modeled after Saint Kevin and his medal is the perfect gift for any animal lover. We often call saint Kevin the “Animal Whisperer” because he could talk to the animals.

     One time, at Monk Camp, Kevin befriended a furred animal that looked like a weasel. Kevin and the weasel had become fast friends so when Kevin went to dinner at Monk Camp the weasel wound up being introduced to the other folks in the village, including aspiring monks. One rather imaginative monk saw the weasel and said to himself, ‘Well, look at that weasel! I am going to capture it after Kevin goes to bed and skin it alive so I can make him into a wallet.” 

  Fortunately, one of the other Monks or maybe a hand-maid named Brigid or Our Lady of Knock, who both lived nearby, were able to convey a message to saint Kevin of Glendalough that his weasel friend was in imminent danger! Once Kevin found out about the other monks' plan to skin the weasel alive he quickly told the weasel about the plan. In just a few minutes, the weasel had packed up his family and moved to a city near Manchester, Ireland, where they lived happily ever after. 

     Pray to Kevin when you are trying to learn what your animal friends are thinking. He will help you as an “Animal Whisperer” and you will find out what your furry friends are thinking about! © (2023)

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