SaintsforSinners 1st Blog Post - Welcome to rob's corner!

SaintsforSinners 1st Blog Post - Welcome to rob's corner!
     Hello and welcome to the SaintsforSinners Blog. We're calling it     rob's corner blog      because it's in the corner of the Saints for Sinners web site and it's rob's blog.


     The photograph is from the 2019 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show we attended in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. That's my photo in the middle of the collage and I'm with E Street Band Member singer/songwriter Patti Scialfa ("Rumble Doll," '23rd Street Lullaby" and "Play It as It Lays") and the Congregation of St Joseph's, Sister Helen Prejean, ("Dead Man Walking" and "River of Fire: My Spiritual Journey")

Rob's First Blog Post:

     I'll be writing here regularly, reminiscing about our past, commenting about the present, and offering news and updates for the future. Please check back from time to time to read our new posts, help us recall the history of SaintsforSinners in words and pictures, and learn about our new plans and events. We're excited to be offering notes and commentary about our experiences and sharing our stories about the lives of the saints. There is a slogan that says 'Every sinner has a past and every saint, a future." Thanks for taking a look, making comments, and guiding us on our journey. We firmly believe in the word of Robert Louis Stevenson, "The saints are the sinners who keep on trying."

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