September/October News - 3 Angels

September/October News - 3 Angels

We hope everyone is transitioning nicely into the fall, unlike us down here in New Orleans who are sweltering away as if summer will never end! We are still reeling with excitement from having Pope Francis visit, and of course, we have our new special offer....

Today is one of the official days to celebrate the existence of Angels who may look after us. Specifically, the 3 Arch Angels:

Arch Angel Gabriel, the messenger, who is the patron of the Post Office and presumably, text messages and messengers. Pray to him when you see someone texting and driving. And when you are waiting for some "good news, " Gabriel may help.

Michael, the warrior who is omnipotent and protects us all always and keeps us away from evil temptations; he is also the Patron Saint of Police Officers.

Raphael, the healer and the patron of love. Raphael is also the patron invoked for "happy meetings," so you can talk with him when that "10 minute meeting" has far surpassed its time-allotment.

To celebrate the Feast of the Arch Angels, our Special Offer is "3 for the price of 2." Order any 2 Arch Angels and get the 3rd one at no extra charge. Or...

Order all 3 and we will also send our medal of "Cupid," the winged Cherub, and the Guardian Angel: That's 5 for the price of 3.

You can order by clicking here. This offer remains open until Sunday, October 4, 2015. Soon after, we will be presenting something brand new to recognize and commemorate October as "Breast Cancer Awareness" month.

Finally, we are about to have two new and improved websites with nice designs and much easier ways to navigate. If you have any suggestions, please reply and we will forward the ideas on to our new partner, - the New Orleans Company committed to help us bring the web sites to the 21st Century and up-to-date.

We are also adding to our mailing list and trying to keep it better maintained. With that in mind, we'd like to say that if the newsletters are becoming too frequent, please find the unsubscribe button right at the bottom. We know folks get overburdened and overwhelmed with their e-mails, which is understandable! So, please do feel free to unsubscribe! We know you know how to find us without reading about what we are doing too often. We don't want to inundate you with e-mails.

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