We all make Mistakes! Some Big, Some Small; Remember that None of Us are Defined by our Worst Mistakes

We all make Mistakes! Some Big, Some Small; Remember that None of Us are Defined by our Worst Mistakes

Of Floods, Blemishes & Mistakes....

We are finally figuring out how to present our flooded saint medals and the hand-painted saint medals that were not quite good enough. We got some hints from the world wide web and this upcycle blog and this one.

It has taken SaintsforSinners many, many years to present our hand-painted saint medals in a beautiful way.

Sometimes Rob or one of our crafters, or the others who help us with the process of painting, staining, glazing, heating, and in other ways, “perfecting” the medals we paint reach a conclusion.

One of us decides the saint medal is simply not nice enough to sell to one of our online customers, visitors, people at the Fairs & Festivals we attend, charities we donate to, or stores that stock and sell the medals.

So, the misfit medals, the ones that do not make it for many reasons and are somehow blemished, get set aside.

The medals we cannot sell pile up. Like the flood medals we dug up and recovered after Hurricane Katrina, they have piled up. We can’t just throw away a saint medal. We. Cannot. Do. It.

So, we decided to just start over. Our failures and our flood medals are now getting repurposed and attached to hand-painted crosses.

All of the hand-painted crosses with saint medals attached are one-of-a-kind and some are available at one of our favorite retail stores, “WHAT’S NEW” on Decatur Street in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Nancy and Jeff and the folks at What’s New also sell our hand-painted saint medals and have been selling them for many years. We love What’s New - it is a quirky, fun, clever boutique and our saint medals are a perfect fit for their décor. I digress.

For a limited time, we are selling the crosses with our misfit medals and medals from the flood, on the web site until they run out (if they ever do!).

If you buy one of our hand-painted “Repurposed Crosses,” we have a TOP SECRET Special Offer  - just leave us a note and request a specific saint medal package. We will send you the Misfit Medaled Crosses and the saint medal package too. Remember to keep this offer TOP SECRET. It’s OK to tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, of course, but please do not tell anyone else.

That’s all we’ve got today. We are truly enjoying repurposing all the medals we have that were not quite nice enough to sell. They’re in bins in the SaintsforSinners.com Studio and are lonely and need some love!  We’re happy to start sending them away to have a new life in a place of honor. You know, like every saint deserves….

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