Retail Stores, Medal Displays, Custom Orders, Andy Cohen & Jorge Cruise

Retail Stores, Medal Displays, Custom Orders, Andy Cohen & Jorge Cruise

Andy Cohen, creator of Bravo's "The Real Housewives" series and host of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" looking over our SaintsforSinners hand-painted medal. Andy's friend, Anderson Cooper, is out of frame, so we will show him next time.

Hi –

       We are caught up with our online retail store order requests, so we are adding saint stories and a wonderful testimonial from Melissa V.


       Silver Street Gallery & Gifts in Natchez, Mississippi, has a brand-new display of medals. We completely swapped out our designs and Gail’s store has lots of great things for sale so if you’re near Natchez or know someone near Natchez, send them over to Silver Street Gallery at 27 Silver Street.

       Little Miss Muffin stores have new inventory too! The stores are on Harrison Avenue and Metairie Road in New Orleans. We met with Gay and the gang at the Harrison Avenue store. Visit Little Miss Muffin if you’re looking for a special gift.

        The retail store Phina on Veterans Boulevard in Metairie also has a new stock of medals. Say hi to Linda, Jenny and Jessica for us. Phina is next door to Barnes & Noble Book store.


       Big thanks to Catherine C., who has done a great job helping us prepare our display of medals we have collected over the years. Saint Medals from Padua, Lisieux, Avila, Mont Serrat, Donostia, and other cities in Europe as well as saint medals we have found in New Orleans. Jeff V. at the iconic Louisiana Church Supply on Division Street has also helped us find unique saint medals and filigree.

       We’re planning a project with Katherine and Alyssa at Paper White Stationary in Baton Rouge. Hopefully our display with be ready to show before that Fall Event.


       Over the years we have prepared bulk orders of hand-painted saint medals for boys’ football teams, baptisms, First Holy Communions, and Conformations, weddings, funerals and other special events. Keep SaintsforSinners in mind when you are planning an event and would like to present a special token or memento "there’s a saint for that!" and for every occasion, we can paint our medals any way you like.

Jorge Cruise, the Best Selling Author ("Cruise Control," etc.) wearing our hand-painted SaintsforSinners medal (and not much else)! Special thanks to Audible's Stacy Creamer.

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