We completed our Vendor Role work at the Gretna Heritage Festival and are steadily moving forward. Our Sterling Silver necklaces have been quite popular and we’re happy to hear the nice comments you’ve shared with us.

     One of our loyal friends wrote us a note about discovering the patron saint of coffee! That's a new patronage for us. She’s a schoolteacher and here is the unique note she sent:


Dear Rob & Everyone at SaintsforHOPE:

“ I was writing trivia questions today. I came across Saint Drogo, patron saint of coffee. Obscure, yes, but perhaps would be a good one to add to your collection. Drogo is also the name of the father of Frodo Baggins in “The Lord of the Rings.” I nominate him as the patron saint of Tolkien fans as well.

Thanks for your awesome work. I’ve been wearing one of your medallions for years now. Keep doing what you’re doing.

All of us sinners can use a bit of HOPE now and then and your medals have offered hope hundreds of times, I am sure. "

   That was a great note to receive. We are going to start publishing more of the notes and letters we receive and send out the newsletters more frequently, especially since the Christmas Season has arrived. Where does the time go!?

   We always like hearing about saints with different patronages. We are sorry to say we have not seen a Saint Drogo medal so we do not have the patron of coffee, yet .... we do, however, have a great mug to enjoy our coffee out of from goodshpeherdart.com, thanks Jace!



     We’re compiling a list of "Saints by Topic" and "Saints by Name" and will put it into a handy booklet form very soon. The latest drafts are enclosed here.

    Please help us add to the list of topics by sharing your stories of finding hope by following and studying the saints. Some of our patronages are not “Officially Certified” by the Pope, but we are not handcuffed to the official rules and procedures about patronages. We beat to the sound of our own drum and are sure our method is just fine! 

    We do like it that there is an official patronage for television, Saint Clare of Assisi, which was officially sanctioned by Pope Pius XII on February 14, 1958.

     However, we enjoy our own creativity.  Long ago, we declared Saint Martha of Bethany as the patron Saint of Sorority Sisters and “Lifelong Friendships." Although that is not officially sanctioned, we’re still happy Saint Martha is able to bring folks together and offer love and support for “Sistas” and their lifelong friendships. We all need a few people we consider lifelong friends.

     Saint John the Apostle is officially known as the patron saint of friendship, but we are sure he doesn’t mind sharing his spotlight with Saint Martha, offering peace, love, comfort and camaraderie to all of us looking to display affection. 

     Remember to send us your photos and stories about the Saints so we can broaden our patronages list to include your perspective about the saints. Send our lists to your friends and together we can make it excellent!

     And don’t forget there is always our "Who’s Your Saint Quiz?" if you are looking for a new saint to find and talk about with your friends and family. 

Thanks for Reading to the Bottom Line!

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