Wiccans, Witchcraft, Healing Ways & There’s Something about Saint Ann(s) (Anne) (Anna) (Anne de Beaupre)

Wiccans, Witchcraft, Healing Ways & There’s Something about Saint Ann(s) (Anne) (Anna) (Anne de Beaupre)

Here’s a pretty short newsletter. It should be short because: there are only two items to mention.

First the Story about the Wiccans and my niece Casey ….

My dear sweet niece Casey recently had surgery and is recuperating and doing better. That’s terrific news – many prayers were obviously answered.

A prayer from a Wicca too – we make no judgments and have a “Free to be You and Me” philosophy here at SaintsforSinners.

So anyway, last week I sent medal packages and lagniappe to New England to a man, Neil. After receiving the hand-painted saint medal package, Neil called and left a very nice message and also texted me and said:

“I just want thank you Rob for the Saint Kevin medal… I gave it to my friend Shalimar, who is a bird keeper (NOTE FROM Rob: Saint Kevin stood still so a bird egg a raven laid in his palm could hatch)… There is something about these medals that wants one to give them away… although my Saint Bridget is mine and mine alone.”

I got this note on the morning of Casey’s surgery! I texted Neil back:

“Hi – want a wonderful note to wake up to – I’ll be sharing if that’s ok – Please say a prayer for my niece Casey who is having surgery today. She is the light of my life – thank you for a kind, generous, caring note – I needed that this morning.   Rob"

Then he responded, “Blessed Be Rob, and Good Morning! Share as you like, and I'll have my beads on the bus to work today for your Casey...I lit a candle for her on my Bridget Altar as soon as I got your message...Bridget has a remarkable record for healing...as She is not just a Saint...She is one of the Old Ones...Blessed Be Rob.

Whenever I set a candle for someone these days...I like to send them a picture that I've truly done it. The prayer I said to Our Saint Bridget was 'Sweet and Holy St. Bridget...watch over Casey, who is beloved to Rob...and give her a safe surgery, and a hastened healing...Blessed Be, Lasanta Brighid.

Lasanta means Fiery in Gaelic...She is the Healing Fire. I lit a yellow candle for Casey, which is the colour of the Sun...and Good Health. Blessed Be Rob...your work is blessed by God, His Holy Mother, and Our Beloved Saints. Beannacht Bhrighid!”

Can you see Casey's name at the bottom of the pic?

Now, there’s something about these Anns!

We have a new Saint Ann medal. This is Ann #4. She is known as Anne de Beaupre and she is French Canadian with a Basilica near Quebec, a place we now need to visit! The Quebec flag is terrific, btw.

We’re happy to add Saint Anne de Beaupre to our line-up of Saints. There surely is something about Anns! That’s obviously true because she’s Mary’s mom and Mary… we all know “There’s Something About Mary,” too. I actually have 5 Marys in my immediate family. That’s a lot!

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