Happy New Year, a QUICK Reminder & A Nice Letter That is Actually Also a Testimonial!

Happy New Year, a QUICK Reminder & A Nice Letter That is Actually Also a Testimonial!

     Hi Everyone!

     We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, or Chanukah, or Kwanza, or any other Holiday Celebration you may have enjoyed. Happy New Year and let’s say a Prayer for the year 2020 and hope its vision turns out perfect. (I bet you saw what I did there!)

     A QUICK REMINDER! For those of you in New Orleans, don’t forget about the Saint Joan of Arc Parade and Fete on January 6th in the French Quarter. It’s a celebration of Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, birthday!

     Along with Amy Kirk Duvoisin, and a few others, we created the 12th Night Saint Joan of Arc Walking Parade. It takes place in the French Quarter. Amy has made it grow and grow and now it’s a spectacular event and Parade. It’s even in the well-known “Arthur Hardy Mardi Gras Guide!”  The Joan of Arc Project Facebook page has 3019 Followers too! (You should join it!) I’m sure there’s a picture of me on my knees.


    At the first parade, many years ago. I dressed up as Medieval Lord, (kind of like Timothee Chalamet in “The King,” only not nearly as handsome or interesting) with hand-painted boxes and put SaintsforSinners.com hand-painted saint medals inside. I gave them all away as “Throws.” Except, I did not throw any of the boxes. Instead, I kneeled before Parade Goers and offered the SaintsforSinners Saint Joan of Arc medals in gift boxes with humbleness and honor. It is such a great memory!

     Later, I received one of the best Testimonials from a guy named “James Baker.” It’s typed and photographed below. I’m including the whole note for you to see. It is a treasure!

     FYI - I talked with Emily and we decided we could use James Baker’s whole name, because it’s not like we are violating his privacy or being unkind in any way. I mean, seriously, how many “James Bakers” do you think there are in America? More than one, I’m sure of that! Here is a great testimonial letter we really should have put up on the web site before now:


    Thank you so much for sending out another shipment to my niece for her Baptism! Fantastic Customer Service! FYI, when I used Paypal on the order form page, it used my Paypal address for shipping information.

     I’m not sure if it was you, but a few years ago, at the Joan of Arc Mardi Gras Parade, someone handed me a small box with some of the hand-painted medals. Since then I’ve purchased several medals from you, and everyone loves them!

     Thanks again!

     James Baker

     That was definitely me!

     If you are in New Orleans or near New Orleans or far away from New Orleans, or visiting because you are a Minnesota Vikings Fan, be sure to go to the Saint Joan of Arc Parade and Fete in the French Quarter! It is so terrific. I’m so proud to say I helped create it and amazed and astounded that Amy Kirk Duvoisin has built up our little idea and turned it into THE 12th Night Celebration in New Orleans.

     Who knows, maybe I’ll paint more boxes and dress as a Lord again and give way Saint Joan of Arc hand-painted medals, cards and other lagniappe. It is a truly special event and finishes at Saint Louis Cathedral where everyone toasts Saint Joan of Arc and has a piece of her birthday cake. I think she is 613 years old now, since her martyrdom at Rouen, France. We visited Rouen and paid our respects to the Maid of Orleans.

     The Saint Joan of Arc gilded statue is located in the French Quarter and also in Paris, France. We have celebrated her at both places many times. Hail Saint Joan of Arc! She “was born to do this!” That’s all for this newsletter. If you can go to the Saint Joan of Arc Project Walking Parade in the French Quarter, do it! Look for a guy in regal purple and black tights, carrying a netted bag full of hand-painted boxes. That would be me!

     Finally, in honor of her birthday celebration, if you order a SaintsforSinners medal, we will send you the gift of a Saint Joan of Arc hand-painted saint medal package on a clasp!

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