News, Comments about Yesterday, Topics, Updates, Follow Ups, Fulfilling the (Unusual but very nice) Request!

News, Comments about Yesterday, Topics, Updates, Follow Ups, Fulfilling the (Unusual but very nice) Request!

     This newsletter will be longer than the usual newsletters. You have been warned. There is an offer, sort of, somewhere in the middle.


     [ FIRST:     Yesterday I wrote about Pope Francis expressing his opinions about civil unions. 90 % of the people who responded with an email or text were so kind, generous, caring and thoughtful. Each note was so touching. Thank you. 

     A few comments disparaged; they were decidedly unkind. Some people really do not like Pope Francis. They voiced their disapproval with anger very well written. Yet, their messages taught. I see, for some, they have issues, beautifully written. I loved the fine writing. Thank you. ]


     The (2nd to) last newsletter was very well-received. We heard from the artist, Jace Prather [ visit to view or buy his stunning art. We have several of his pieces ]. Jace sent us a note, saying that Saint Alphonsus Liguori, who had heard many confessions, once remarked that Saint Gerard Majella never, not once, sinned!

      I let one of the Nuns, Sister M. know about this the same day and she was quite surprised and remarked that it was pretty rare for one Saint to say something like that. I like the concept of never sinning. I do think I am a million miles away from meriting inclusion in their Club.

      More about Jace, who is a good friend with whom I always enjoy spending time. And his father is one the kindest men I’ve ever met. We sent Jace a couple of the Saint Gerard medals, because his wife is pregnant with their 6th child; the first 5 are all boys!

     This is a very exciting time for the Prather family. Offer the Prathers your best wishes, thoughts and prayers, and urge Saint Philomena and Saint Margaret, along with all the others, to intercede and ensure another safe pregnancy with Baby # 6.

Arch ANGEL NUMBER 4, Uriel, the Prophecy Interpreter

      We learned a bit more about Arch Angel Uriel, whose name refers to light. Like the new Saint John Henry Newman, he offers hope and says, “Lead Kindly Light.” We have only seen a rendering of Arch Angel Uriel once, in Budapest, Europe, and it was marbled and perfectly sculpted. 

      Arch Angel Uriel has been described one of the Angels of the 4 Winds (South is Uriel, North is Gabriel, East is Michael and West is Raphael. Another says he is the Arch Angel of Mars, the planet! 

     Arch Angel Uriel watches over terror too. He is known as the Angel of Sundays. 

     One not too great thing about Arch Angel Uriel is his medal! We have tried and tried to make him shiny, bright with light and colorful. The problem with Arch Angel Uriel is his colors. They bleed together. I’m wearing him, along with the BVM.

     We will keep trying to get this Arch Angel Uriel painted perfectly. We need an Angel for help with prophecies. Uriel can interpret our wishes and guide them to the best possible result. 

     Until we make him look spectacular and bright with color, we are offering his bleeding medal packages and story for $ 10.00 on the website “while supplies last.” We’d like to get more Uriels out in the World. Our Angel # 4. We’ll continue trying to let his wings and his colors shine bright with light. One day we will get him right~


      A lady, Sarah from Baton Rouge, asked us to send her our Rhett Miller photo. Here he is wearing our Saint Jude, Patron of Hopeless Causes, medal. Rhett is in the band the Old 97s and also a solo artist. Both Sarah and I are big fans.



      Pope Francis sure has been busy lately. Yesterday, we learned he supports civil unions, and also, he is inching Carlo Acutis, who was a 15 year old boy, as the patron of the internet.

     Carlo had a great interest in video games, sneakers, play station and the internet. Pope Francis said Carlo was a true “Original” and that there are too many “Photocopies” in the world. We need more originals in the world today. We need Saint Carlo!

     Now that he has become Blessed Carlo, he is one step away from being canonized. What a celebration that will be in Rome!



      Here’s the address to get free information about Carlo. Free!  l know “the best things in life are free,” but seriously, if you follow up and ask for free stuff about Carlo, throw in a couple dollars to help defray costs. Banks in Rome know how to convert U.S. Dollars into European Dollars.


     To request images or material about Carlo, which will be sent free of charge, please send an email or letter to the following address:

Associazione Amici di Carlo Acutis

Via Ariosto 21 - 20145

Milano – Italia




     Finally, a personal note …. I have been watching this show called “Outlander.” I love it, though it sure is confusing, time travel and different realities and genres I usually do not follow.

     There is this one scene that is seared into me. A lady, Clare, is in labor and things do not go well. Clare then remembers the bad things the father of the baby did. (They were very bad things).

     Sister Hildegard is at her bedside. She listens to Clare, fraught with emotion, anger and the sadness of utter despair.

     Sister Hildegard gets Clare’s complete attention. She says “You know what you must do.” Clare is looking at Sister Hildegard and completely attentive. She winds up following the advice Sister Hildegard who says:

     “It is time to place all your sins asunder and cast all your grievances to the sea.”

     So, after a while, that is what Clare does and carries on with her life. How and where she winds up is still a mystery.

     I do not know how this Outlander show ends because I'm not finished watching. I do know that Sister Hildegard offers great advice.

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