Saint Patrick’s Day is On Its Way! Poll Results & Beer Here!

Saint Patrick’s Day is On Its Way! Poll Results & Beer Here!

March 4, 2021 Newsletter

Saint Patrick’s Day is On Its Way!

      But Wait! Before we get started about that, we’d like to go backward! Remember we asked whether we should be putting disclaimers on photos stating “There are no masks in the picture because it was taken pre-COVID.” 54 % of you said we should write that disclaimer. So, we will. A quick FYI, though: there is a note we wrote about the actress Edie McClurg on the Internet. She is wearing a hand-painted SaintsforSinners medal before the pandemic began. We’ve tried to write the disclaimer but some of her pictures are still filtering through. If you see one, please help us by writing a disclaimer for us. “This photo of Edie McClurg was taken prior to the COVID pandemic.” Thank you and thanks for participating in our first-ever poll!

And now back to our regularly scheduled newslettering .... 

      There’s still time to have one of our hand-painted Saint Patrick medals arrive in time for Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. “Saint Paddy’s Day” always reminds us of the huge parades and celebrations in New Orleans every year. Except this year will be lot different because of COVID restrictions and limitations. Lots of green beer will still be indulged. The huge celebrations will be missed by many. But I guess there’s one “Silver Lining:” less green beer will wind up on the bars, floors, streets and sidewalks of New Orleans and elsewhere!

      We have always said Saint Florian of Lorch (Belgium) is the patron saint of beer and brewers. That’s because of a Legend about Saint Expedite that says he once doused a giant fire with a single pitcher of …. beer! 

      Saint Arnold is also a patron saint of beer. We’re sad to say we do not have his medal …. yet. A brewer in Austin has created Saint Arnold Beer!


      We are still adding, as lagniappe, one of the tiny hand-painted saint medals. We found several different tiny saint medals so we are painting the medals and designing a bracelet and will let you know once it’s available. For now though, we will add one of our smaller medals with our order so you can see how we are doing with the designs. Please DO offer critique, commentary and suggestions.


      We’re still only beginning the 40 Day Lenten Countdown ‘til Easter! And by the way, I will also be sending a private email to those of you on that short private email list very soon. The private emails are just a bit more personal and infrequent. It’s a way to talk to the people who have expressed interest in the company and things we are doing and don't mind us diving a little deeper into personal things that may or may not be appropriate for a larger audience. If you are on the private email list remember it's very easy to unsubscribe. And IF you would like to be on that list you can subscribe but it is a two step process. Constant Contact helps us and you from sending emails to people who already get more than enough emails in their folder. That's why they make the big bucks and are on the NASDAQ ("CTCT") Stock Engage I guess!

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